I want to be good at what I do, I want to be recognised as being good at what I do. Not because I want recognition, but because when you see my work you have no doubt about the quality.

Writer, Photographer, Poet, Videographer, Adventurer, businessman, occasional scuba diver, bon vivant, soldier of good fortune, connoiseur of fine women… battles fought, pubs crawled, fortunes lost & found, cars raced, planes flown…

… Laughs had.

East River NYC from the 107th Floor of the World Trade Centre September 2000. This is not a great photo but it holds sentimental value because it was taken almost a year to the day before this exact view ceased to exist.


I Do A Little Bit of Everything

I have a wide range of interests and have had a large variety of occupations over the years.


Getting outside with a camera and having the ability to make money with no set office is my goal. The ultimate goal is to get back to the days of having an office that looks like this. Coconut Grove


The Polymath

Da Vinci or Johan Von Wower are where I draw my inspiration, I share with them interests in a large variety of subject areas.

Some of the areas I have studied both formally and informally and worked in:

  • Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology Bio-Chemistry
  • Security
  • Business
  • Training, Scuba Diving
  • Writing, Photography, Web Coding, App Coding, Video Production
  • Systems admin

Find Something You Love

Best advice I was ever given was find something you love and figure out a way to make some coin from it.

When the global economy tanked in the late 2000’s I was jobless getting a few bits of low paying work. Finding any job that didn’t require a second or third to pay the rent was impossible. Previously I never went to university, however, I had spent countless hours in business and personal development training over the years. At the age of 30 I realised that I needed to change what I was doing and the way I was doing it. I enrolled in Uni and achieved formal recognition of things I had been doing for years. The decision to return to school was not about getting a better job. It was about improving the way I was thinking and operating. Stephen Smedley, 2018

I am now gainfully employed in a job that I enjoy and provides a lot of potential. However the most important thing is that it gives me the flexibility to pursue my interests. My plan is simple, have a source of income that is location independent. That way I can pursue the things that make life worth while.

Knowledge is Freedom The ROGUE MIND

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Embracing Digital Ingenuity



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